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About this great community project...


Since May of 1998 Kinsmen and Kinette Clubs have been promoting their Tabs for Wheelchairs program.

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Pull tabs from beverage containers are collected and sold for scrape aluminum and the money raised is used to purchase wheelchairs and other medical equipment for those in need.

Your local E.R.A. enviro depots across Nova Scotia will accept your refund for beverage containers, soft metals, and your pop tabs as a donation to our Tabs for Wheelchairs project. Instead of placing your refundables out with your curbside recycling, drop them off at your local enviro depot. Help someone less fortunate. By supporting your local depot, Kinsmen and Kinette groups you are supporting your community.

Through this program we are also collecting used eyeglasses, and used ink jet printer cartridges. They can all be recycled and help raise money for those in need. Please have these items separate from your refundables. Drop them off with your refundables. You may also give the items you collect to any Kinsmen or Kinette member you may know.

We will also accept donations of second hand wheelchairs, walkers, or any other medical equipment that would make someone’s life of ill health a little more comfortable. Just call the number below to arrange pickup.

If you, your company, church, school or organization would like to get involved in this program please feel free to call. Thank you very much for your support and participation.

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